White Label Co-browsing
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Add next generation co-browsing to your web and mobile apps

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Log on support

Co-browse on websites that requires users to log on, like personal accounts, admin consoles or web applications.


Synchronize web applications with AJAX calls.

Mouse movements

Every participant has his own name and mouse movements are synchronized within a co-browsing session.

Sticky Notes

Participants can add sticky notes to pinpointing interesting parts of the web page. Notes are saved automatically and will reappear any time you visit the same page.

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Hosted API

The Co-browsing API has been created with a simple vision in mind: We wanted to make it possible for developers to add co-browsing to their existing web and mobile applications.

Any Platform

Cobrowsing.me is 100% Web Based. No download, no plugin, no java, It works on any platform, from desktops to phones, all visitors will have the exact same experience.

Every Browser

Co-browsing works in every browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.